Straightening Natural Hair Tips

Straightening natural hair is an ideal solution for individuals who want to get rid of their curly hair. If you want to be familiar with the various tips on how you can straighten your hair, then this article is for you.

Most ladies desire for silky and straight smooth hair because they look presentable and sophisticated. The latest progress and developments in technology have enabled women to realize this dream by completely transforming their hair. Nowadays, there are very many hair straightening tips that you can use and be able to get the hairstyle you want. However, along with some of these tips, there are some side effects that you’re likely to encounter. In this write up we’re going to look at some of the tips for straightening natural hair with minimum side effects if any.

Tips on How to Straighten Natural Hair

The following is the various tips that you can use to straighten your natural hair. They include;

Tip #1: Using a Clarifying Shampoo

For women who regularly straighten their hair using the hair strengtheners such as flat iron, then it is essential that they start using a clarifying shampoo because it is an effective product to straighten your hair and assist in getting rid of any chemical residue from your hair.

If you opt for a clarifying shampoo, it is ideal that you ensure that you deep condition your hair at least once in a week. This will help in maintaining the good health of your hair, and at the same time it will protect your hair from any straightening damages that may occur.

Tip #2: Working In Layers While Straightening Your Hair

Working in layers while straightening your hair is among the best and effective straightening natural hair tips. While working in layers, it is ideal that you use the hair clamps in order to hold your hair in place. Carefully remove these clamps that are holding your hair section at back of your head in order to avoid damages.

It is essential while straightening your natural hair; you straighten the sections that are at the bottom first. Then work the crown and finally finish with the bangs.

Tip #3: Protecting Your Hair While Straightening It

This is important to use a flat iron on dry hair or apply any of the heat protecting solutions such as serum or gel before using it to protect your hair from getting damaged.

Tip #4: Use Hair Straightening Iron

While you’re using a hair straightening iron, ensure that you slowly glide over it along your hair length. You should remember to set the straightening iron to the desired heat. Gliding smoothly and slowly along your hair section, will make sure that your hair is evenly straightened. It will also save time in moving the straightening iron again on a particular hair section.

Tip #5: Applying Pea Size of the Hair Serum

If you want to get a bit of shine on your hair after you have straightened it up, applying a pea size of the hair serum before using the flat iron on your hair is very important.

These are only some of the tips that you can use to straighten your natural hair. However, there are other hair straightening tips that you can use and still get the desired results. Let us briefly look at them.

Straightening Hair Naturally

The following is the natural ways you can use to straighten your hair. They include;

*Conditioning Your Hair with the Hair Oils

Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oils are some of the oils that can serve such purpose.

*Adhering Oiling Treatment Techniques

For instance, it is ideal that you ensure that you comb your hair daily before applying the oil.

Last but not the least; it is my sincere hope that you’ll adhere to the above tips in order to maintain a straight great-looking hair. Thank you.

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